Love Island LIVE: Who are the new arrivals and what will happen to Amber and Michael?

Alexandra Pollard

Thank God. After several painful days trying to choose between the two "lovely ladies" who were both, inexplicably, into him, Curtis has finally made a decision. How long he and Maura will last together – given that she is the greatest Islander, and he has come up from behind to prove himself to be the worst – remains to be seen.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what's happened lately on Love Island. After an admittedly slow start, the drama has picked up like nobody's business in the past few weeks (or, I suppose, like everybody's business, given how fast gossip spreads in the villa).

With three new Islanders arriving last episode, things are sure to continue in that vein. Follow along with all the action on our live blog below.

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