Love Island’s Olivia Attwood receiving death threats: ‘It’s pretty severe’

Emma Powell
Staying strong: Olivia Attwood said she tries to remain unaffected by trolls: Stuart C. Wilson/Getty

Love Island’s Olivia Attwood revealed she has been targeted by death threats on social media.

Attwood, who struck up a romance with Chris Hughes on the ITV2 show, said her family were also forced to deal with the abuse while she was away filming in Majorca.

Speaking on the Victoria Derbyshire programme she said: “Unfortunately, a lot of the abuse was directed at my family because I was in the bubble of Love Island.

“Since I came out, a lot of it I couldn’t repeat on breakfast television, it’s pretty severe. It’s death threats, it’s people making personal comments.

“A significant amount, saying things like ‘you should die.’”

Supportive: Olivia Attwood's boyrfriend Chris Hughes (Stuart C. Wilson/Getty)

Attwood, whose personality divided Love Island viewers, said she doesn’t know of a “specific reason” why she has faced an onslaught online, but believes it comes from people “that watch the show and they feel like they know you from watching a certain hour and then they want to express how they feel to you.”

She continued: “Because they are hiding behind a keyboard it’s being able to get that really severe opinion across and believe there are no consequences.”

Attwood, who was reportedly thrown out of a nightclub in Birmingham by security following an appearance last weekend, said she “made a conscious effort” to try and not let online abuse affect her.

“I went into this industry with my eyes open,” she said. “I was warned that this was something I will have to put up with. I’m not the only cast member who has faced this.

“It’s so sad that you work in the public eye and you’re warned that you have to tolerate that behaviour and it’s an issue that we normalise it to that extent.”

Her comments came hours before Hughes was forced to defend her after former contestant Tyne-Lexy Clarson accused Attwood of being “possessive” and forcing Hughes to delete her and her family from social media.

Hughes accused Clarson of targeting Attwood in a bid to “stay relevant”.

Attwood isn't the only contestant who has faced abuse since leaving the show. Gabby Allen was subjected to racist language over her relationship with Marcel Somerville.