Love Island reunion at Pride of Scotland awards as stars catch up on red carpet

Anton Danyluk arrives with his mum
Anton Danyluk arrives with his mum -Credit:DAILY RECORD

It was a real Love Island reunion as Paige Turley joined Anton Danyluk, his mum (who shaves his bum) Sherie-Ann and Laura Anderson at Pride of Scotland - with fellow Big Brother runner up reality star Olivia Young and her mum Eleanor Wilson MBE on the red carpet.

Paige, who caught up with Anton and his mum inside and was co-presenting the social feeds for the bash with Laura, came to the ceremony just as Ex on The Beach with her ex Findley Tapp finished its run on telly.

She said: “It’s fab to be part of tonight and a change from Ex On the Beach. We filmed it last September and seeing all the videos coming out now you’re having to relive it. Looking back to eight months ago you go ‘'Why did I wear that make up? Why do I swear so much. I’m sure at one point I got my a** out.'”

Anton said of the night: “I go to lots of events up and down the content and It’s amazing to come to this event in Scotland”

He added: “I think we’ve done my reality TV dating days for sure. To be honest I was never going to do it a second time. Love Island is a once in a life time opportunity but the fact they came back was a pleasure so I went for it but to be honest I’m just getting too old for it now.”

Paige Turley and Laura Anderson at the awards
Paige Turley and Laura Anderson at the awards -Credit:Daily Record

MacCorn popcorn boss - Anton’s mum Sherie Ann said: “We’ve come to a decision he needs to come home, he needs to settle and mama bears getting too old. He needs to take over mammy’s business.”

Olivia Young, runner up on Big Brother appeared on the red carpet with her mum Eleanor Wilson MBE who also gave her some sound advice.

Olivia explained: “Last week I was hosting a live podcast on Fubar radio and I’d love to work my way into doing more stuff like that. I’ve found a passion for live TV, live radio, I love the buzz cause my mouth runs wild. I think it’s best to be just organic.”

Her mum added: “Sometimes. As a mum sometimes not.”

Asked if she might consider another career that requires talking, like politics or football commentary, Olivia said: “I don’t know would I be taken seriously enough in politics. It’s a dog eat dog world is it not? Stand up comedy is a tough crowd and football can be controversial.”

Talking of sport, Barry McGuigan greeted James Cosmo like an old pal at the bash. Actor James who has boxed before, said: “I don’t fight really but I know Barry and he’s got a fabulous record. He’s a lovely man and his sons done so well. My eldest son does a bit more boxing than I did. I used to just fight in the cobbles now and again but that was a long time ago.”

He added: “It’s lovely it’s really terrific to be here. As an actor you go to awards ceremonies and it’s all about congratulatory bit this is different. It’s all about unsung hero’s that have done something for their community that has made a big difference and that’s why I’m here.”

Nathan Evans who arrived with wife Holly for the night also managers night off from preparing for his new album. He said: “We are childless tonight. The wee one is with my mum and dad for a change. Since having a little boy crazy times are gone but it’s a privilege to be here. This is my third one I’ve been to. “

Nathan was keen to catch up with George Bowie in the hotel. He said: “George is here and I need to just chin him and get my next song played on the radio. He’s done a remix before of one of my songs. I’ve been writing lots in the studio in recent weeks. I’m working on an album in September.”

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