Love Island’s Sophie just shared her favourite concealer

Mollie Butlin
Photo credit: ITV

From Cosmopolitan

The first week of the first ever winter Love Island is almost over, and I don’t know about you, but I’ve slipped right back into the 9pm tv sesh every night - who needs a social life anyway, right?

We know the drill by now: it's six weeks of watching ridiculously hot people hang around in their swimwear all day and talk about how they just want 'get to know each other', yet somehow it has us all completely hooked. From the outfits they're wearing for the re-coupling ceremony, to the OTT everyday makeup routines - we like to know it all.

Even down to their biggest skincare concerns, spoiler alert: for most of them, it's dark circles.

Which is why when Sophie Piper opened up about her beauty routine to LookFantastic, our ears instantly pricked up. When asked about her hero product, Sophie answered 'concealer' and more specifically, The Bobbi Brown Instant Full Cover Concealer.

Bobbi Brown describes the concealer as 'instantly brightening and completely covering', which sounds pretty great, huh?

Alongside her A* concealer choice, Sophie also shared her love for face cream, mascara, setting powder and spray.

And if you’ve been tuning in for all the drama so far, you’ll have spied that lipliner and lip gloss are also her poolside staples. (Anyone else envisioning the sticky hair situation in that Cape Town breeze?)

Even though Sophie says foundation and concealer are the products she buys the most of, she’s not opposed to going bare-faced. A quick scroll of her Instagram feed and there are plenty of make-up free selfies showing off those Piper genes.

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