Love Island viewers take sides in Ciaran and Harriett row

Love Island caused a whole lot of drama tonight (June 26) as the Islanders took part in a game of Never Have I Ever, and it got pretty spicy.

Things started off innocently enough, with the Islanders talking about whether they've gone through a partner's phone, and if/where they've had outdoor sex, but things took a turn...

"Never have I ever been two-faced about someone in the villa," Uma Jammeh said as she read from the card, which led to Ciaran Davies stating that he heard Harriett Blackmore saying things about himself and Nicole Samuel behind their backs.

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"You made a comment of Nicole needs to be careful with me – the next day: 'Ciaran you're so great'", Ciaran said.

After Harriett retorted that Ciaran was "so immature", he snapped back that he wasn't going to take it from someone who has been "second choice three times".

"F**k you, Ciaran", she said. "You wish", he replied, which led to her walking away from the firepit in tears.

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Viewers at home mostly seemed to agree with Jess White's assessment that Harriett should have been prepared for insults back when she threw them at Ciaran, while also praising the Welsh Islander for his entertaining clapbacks:

Not everyone took Ciaran's side, as a few viewers supported Harriett and thought Ciaran was unnecessarily harsh:

Elsewhere in tonight's episode, Grace Jackson pulled Joey Essex aside for a chat. She told him that, after his date with new girl Jessy Potts, she was sick of him constantly having one eye open on other girls and wanting to "explore" while she sits around waiting for him to come back.

Following that conversation, he admitted to Jessy that he felt he wasn't "fully closed off" in his relationship with Grace at the moment.

Meanwhile, Nicole admitted that she felt awful that Ciaran's heart rate raised more for Grace than for her in the previous episode, but he insisted it didn't mean anything. He assured her that she is who wants to be with, although he was visibly frustrated at not being believed.

Love Island airs on ITV2 and streams on ITVX.

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