Lucy Beale returns to EastEnders four years after her murder

Greer McNally
Hetti Bywater, who played Lucy Beale in 'EastEnders', arriving for the 2014 National Television Awards at the O2 Arena, London. (Photo by Dominic Lipinski/PA Images via Getty Images)

The mystery of who killed Lucy Beale turned Albert Square upside down. But now Ian Beale’s daughter back – albeit in a ghostly form.

Last night, EastEnders fans saw the return of a character they thought they had laid to rest. It was all due to the fact that Bobby, her brother (and killer), is being haunted by the memory of what he did four years ago.

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The episode saw Bobby first turn to Max Branning, who was secretly involved with Lucy when she died, looking for answers to how he was feeling.

“You lost the right to ask about her when you killed her,” was his boss’ first response. But Branning soon mellowed, trying his best to comfort the boy. But by the episode the troubled youth was alone and in tears.

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Kathy’s grandson was sent to prison for three years for killing his sister and only returned to the Square at the beginning of June.

He has come back with a new interest in Islam. But the boy still needs help to escape his past.

In the final scene of last night’s episode, he was seen at home with tears rolling down his face, admitting he never wanted to come back to the Square.

“Is this what I deserve?” he asked. “Every time I open my eyes. Every time I come in here I see you all the time. Are you always going to be there?”

At first, viewers didn’t know who he was talking to, only to discover that it was the ghost of his sister before the credits rolled.

The ghost of Lucy Beale on last night's EastEnders

Eagle-eyed viewers might have spotted that the role isn’t being played by Hetti Bywater. Instead the BBC soap is using a stand-in for the part.

It feels like just the beginning of a new storyline for Bobby Beale. But what will happen next?

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