M25 rapist Antoni Imiela dies in jail while waiting for parole decision

David Mercer, News Reporter
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    I'm confused, it says he was given 'seven life sentences in 2004'. So why was he being considered for parole?
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    Had the media club not brought this up, would we have known...? What kind of message is given to the public, and the victims when a judge hands down 7 life sentences, and the do-gooders allow a review after 12 years..???
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    Sticky Beak
    Let me get this straight, 7 life sentences and 14 years later he can be released? Perhaps we need a few more 'deaths in custody'.
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    Brilliant outcome for him. I bet he was looking forward to his release..
  • J
    7 Life sentences by my sums =98 years yet if you are a good boy you get parole after ONE??? Parole boards should be on Ant and Dec,s. They are just a bad joke
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    The parole board needs seriously looking at and re-vamping. It doesn't seem fit for purpose. Start with the top.
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    No mugshot?
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    He was given 7 life sentences in 2004 but was being considered for parole? Madness. Anyway, I'm glad he is dead.
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    Gt Britain
    Good that's one the Parole Board cannot release who would go on to offend again! However what about the murderers the Parole board released who went on to murder again aren't the Parole Board held to account for any of their disastrous reckless decisions ?
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    Abolish Parole Boards and parole.
    Parole serve no useful purpose for SOCIETY, is only of benefit to a potentially re-offending criminal.
    If a crime warrants ten years, then ten years are served, time added for unacceptable behaviour.
    One can of course avoid prison by not committing crime.