M6 Toll misconception explained by experts as drivers warned

Motoring experts are setting the record straight on a "commonly-held myth" about the M6 Toll, clarifying that it's not exempt from speed limits. Contrary to some drivers' beliefs, the M6 Toll is subject to the same laws as other UK motorways, despite being privately operated.

Online rumours have falsely suggested that the toll road, cutting through the heart of the West Midlands, operates outside of normal traffic regulations. However, experts confirm that the national speed limit is in force along the M6 Toll, with signage indicating any changes, and police enforcement is active.

Drivers are being cautioned against believing these myths, as exceeding the speed limit could lead to legal consequences and endanger others on the road.

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Graham Conway of Select Car Leasing emphasises: "It's a mistaken view you see repeated again and again on online motoring forums - 'the M6 Toll is a private road and therefore isn't bound by the same rules that apply to Government-owned motorways'. But this myth is one that needs busting because, like any other motorway in the UK, the national speed limit of 70 mph applies and which reduces at the approach to the toll plazas."

"Don't be lulled into a false sense of security - and don't be fooled by the myth.", reports Birmingham Live.

An M6 Toll spokesperson made it known to Select Car Leasing that the toll road operates under the same regulations and policing as any other motorway in England.

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