Made In Chelsea’s Spencer Matthews Sponsors An African Child After His Family Speak Of Their Shame Over Steroid Abuse

Made In Chelsea’s very own Spencer Matthews has come over all ‘Madonna’ and has decided to sponsor a child in Africa.

It’s all part of his new life plan to make the world 'a better place’ following the exposure of his steroid abuse.

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The reality star and former I’m A Celebrity alumnus flew out to the continent to do a bit of soul searching after his short-lived stint on the show.

Speaking to The Mirror, a source said:“Spencer was absolutely devastated when he was forced to leave 'I’m A Celeb’ and his whole life was left in tatters. He knew his family, friends and fans were so ashamed.

"He realised he had made a huge mistake and flew out to Africa to remind himself what really matters in life.

"He has been helping people who have absolutely nothing and it’s made him realise he needs to grow up and take responsibility for his actions.

The last few months have been life-changing for Spencer and now he’s determined to focus on making the world a better place.”

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Whilst there, the much-maligned love rat apparently formed a 'close bond’ with a family he met, and as a result has decided to sponsor one of their daughters.

According to this incredibly well-informed source, “the trip has forced Spencer to take stock of the important things in life and he has pledged to support a young girl.

"The little one looks up to Spencer and he is doing everything he can to support her financially so she can live free of poverty. Now he is back in England, he is still in regular contact with the girl and is eager to help even more children before the end of the year.”

Look out, Bono.