'Married At First Sight UK' fans outraged as experts bring cheating couple back

The Married At First Sight UK experts have angered fans with a controversial decision. (Channel 4)
The Married At First Sight UK experts have angered fans with a controversial decision. (Channel 4)

Married At First Sight UK fans are outraged that the show's experts have allowed a cheating bride and groom to return to the experiment as a new couple.

Matt Murray and Whitney Hughes had both originally been introduced to viewers as partners of other contestants, but on a group weekend away they dropped their original partners, who they had struggled to find a connection with, and moved into a room together - despite a huge row with the rest of the group.

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At this week's commitment ceremony, their original partners Duka Cav and Gemma Rose chose to leave the show but the group were angry when Matt and Whitney asked to stay with each other.

It seemed that experts Mel Schilling, Paul C Brunson and Charlene Douglas were going to say no to them staying in Thursday's episode, explaining that they "couldn't endorse" the relationship because of the hurt it had caused.

However, they then asked Matt and Whitney to convince them that they should be allowed to stay on the show and get relationship guidance from them, eventually saying yes.

Schilling told them: "We've looked at you as a couple and the science says it's a strong match. The science backs it up."

Viewers were left disgusted at the turn of events, with one tweeting: "That decision makes a mockery of the process and clearly just for ratings. Why let them continue as a dating couple?? Whitney already received tons of advice from the experts. The show isn't to find someone, the experts do that part. #MAFSUK"

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Someone else wrote: "#MAFSUK disgusted at the experts..really has made me feel this programme is a sham...I was really into it...but no...the experts have let Matt n Whitney totally disrespect the process n the other couples...n basically condone cheating..not a good vibe for the experts."

Another show fan fumed: "What an absolute joke, should be called wife swap, these are supposed to be experts, experts at what???"

Someone else added: "Are you actually kidding me?! So this is now just dating/ adultery at first site now? You have just condoned this! Disgraceful from the “experts” and the producers!!"

Viewers also spared a thought for dumped contestants Gemma and Duka.

Duka and Whitney were matched at the start of the show. (Channel 4)
Duka and Whitney were matched at the start of the show. (Channel 4)

One person tweeted: "I think the “experts” have just treated Gemma and Duka like discarded rubbish for letting Matt and Whitney stay on as a couple. Out of order."

Someone else agreed: "The experts have not stuck up for Gemma and Duka in the way you would expect them to as professionals. They’ve sat there and let Whitney and Matt make excuses for their s****y behaviour and said NOTHING!? Whitney and Matt are a pair of selfish p*****."

But defence for the experts came from an unexpected quarter - volatile groom Thomas Hartley who has stormed out of a number of commitment ceremonies and dinner parties after arguments with the group.

He tweeted: "Don’t aim any hate toward the experts please, they really helped us all and the decision to bring back WHATT was not ultimately just down to three people."

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