Married At First Sight star Matt Jameson shares heartbreak over marriage breakdown

The reality TV star said he felt he was letting fans of the show down when he split from husband Dan Mckee.

Matt on his and Daniel's honeymoon on MAFS UK Series 6. (Channel 4)
Married At First Sight's Matt Jameson has said his split was extra hurtful because of the pressure from fans to stay together. (Channel 4)

Married At First Sight UK's Matt Jameson has said he felt an added heartbreak when his marriage ended, because he felt he was letting the fans down too.

Jameson, 41, and Dan Mckee, 29, were the show's first gay couple and met when filming the sixth series of the Channel 4 dating show in 2021, only to split after two years together.

Jameson has now told The Mirror: "It is a shame that things didn't work out for the long term, but that pressure and feeling like you're letting the community and the fans and everybody that supports you down.

MAFS UK's Dan Mckee and Matt Jameson have announced their separation. (Getty Images)
MAFS UK's Dan Mckee and Matt Jameson have announced their separation. (Getty Images)

"I was upset anyway because I was heartbroken. I was in love with Dan and I'll be honest with you, I didn't want us to separate but circumstances were that that needed to happen, so having that added pressure was quite intense, and even more so upsetting."

He added: "It was an added pressure because we were a little bit like the ‘golden gay couple’ for a time."

The reality TV stars announced their split in December 2021 saying their separation was amicable and they would stay friends.

McKee and Jameson announced their split in a joint statement on Instagram.

Their statement read: "There’s nothing but love and good energy between us, and we feel very lucky to have found each other in our lives. Just sadly not as a couple! And although we are parting ways, we will always continue to support one another."

Jameson, from Leeds and McKee, from Northern Ireland, took part in the first Australian format series of the UK relationship show which included the weekly argument-fuelled dinner parties.

Despite the 12 year age gap and long distance they decided to stay together at the end of the show and try to make their romance work.

Going to extra effort, Jameson moved to Northern Ireland where they ran holiday company Wildbay Retreats together on the Causeway Coast.

Georges, Rosaline, Brad, Thomas, Terence, Peggy, Ella, Tasha, Arthur, Porscha, Jay, Laura, Paul, Nathanial, Shona and Luke from Married At First Sight UK 2023. (Channel 4)
Married At First Sight UK 2023 is currently airing on E4. (Channel 4)

Married At First Sight is an extreme dating show, matching couples through psychological profiling and introducing them for the first time at the altar, where they exchange marriage vows.

While many couples end the series saying they will stay together, since the show began in 2015 only three couples remain in a relationship from the past six series.

The couples who have made a success of their TV marriage so far include: Owen Jenkins and Michelle Walder from season five, Tayah Victoria and Adam Aveling from season six, plus Jenna Robinson and Zoe Clifton from the most MAFS UK 2022.

Married at First Sight UK airs Monday to Thursday on E4.

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