Magicians showrunners says Jason Ralph couldn't return for the finale because his character's death "has to be real"

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The Magicians spoilers follow.

When The Magicians wrapped up for good with a dramatic season five finale last week, some fans were left a little disappointed that the show couldn't magic up one final return for former main character Quentin Coldwater.

Quentin, played by Jason Ralph, was sadly killed in the Syfy fantasy's season four finale, titled 'No Better to Be Safe Than Sorry'.

The character sacrificed himself to overcome the leader of the Governing Council Everett Rowe (Brian Markinson), who was trying to prevent the twins from being trapped in the Mirror World.

But despite the fantasy nature of the show, co-showrunner John McNamara told TVLine that bosses were never tempted to bring back Quentin during the show's fifth and final season "because death has to be real, even on a fantasy show".

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He added that he felt reviving the character would have been detrimental to the growth of the other characters and he didn't want to "take the sting or the pain of losing someone in your ordinary life away".

"I think it's really important that (Quentin's loved ones) deal with grief in a real way and that the grief be worthwhile, in a sense," he explained. "His life was important. He was a tremendously important part of how they changed, and who they became. As often happens, his death shaped them and forced them to grow up and forced them to look at their own lives and their own relationships."

But the finale wasn't completely Quentin-less, as the writers did bring back the younger version of the character for an appearance instead.

Co-showrunner Sera Gamble added: "The character of Quentin was present in ways that, for us, felt like they reflected what it feels like when you're grieving someone."

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McNamara and Gamble recently revealed a very quirky idea that they once had for the show but never implemented, saying that the season two finale 'We Have Brought You Little Cakes' was actually inspired by Adult Swim animated series Rick and Morty.

"I remember the idea that evolved into a smaller episode where there were two versions of Dean Fogg - we had an idea on the board about doing at least an act where everyone was played by Rick Worthy," Gamble said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

"We called it the Council of Rick in a little nod to one of our favourite shows, and we couldn't quite justify it yet. We probably would've gotten there if the show went on 15 seasons."

The Magicians airs on Syfy in the US and on 5STAR in the UK.

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