Maidstone burglar 'looking for glass of water' caught after leaving his fingerprints

Sean McFetridge admitted burglary after walking into a house through an open door
Sean McFetridge admitted burglary after walking into a house through an open door -Credit:Kent Police

An opportunist burglar who claimed he was thirsty and needed a glass of water was caught after leaving his fingerprints at the scene of the crime. Sean McFetridge entered the house in East Farleigh after seeing a front door had been left open.

He was disturbed by one of the occupants who had been upstairs. He made an excuse about seeking water and departed after he was told to leave.

The victim called police after realising a laptop computer had been stolen along with jewellery and some keys. Investigators recovered McFetridge’s fingerprints from a socket the laptop had been plugged into while charging.

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Detectives arrested McFetridge on September 7, 2023, three days after the burglary, and he was charged with burglary. The 41-year-old, of Lasius Drive, Coxheath, pleaded guilty at Maidstone Crown Court. On Thursday (May 16) he was jailed for three years, which included the activation of a suspended sentence.

'Despicable crime'

Investigating officer, Detective Constable Josh Littley, said: "Burglary is a despicable crime that leaves victims feeling violated and unsafe in their own home. This offender thought nothing of the impact of his crime and cared only about making a quick profit from stealing portable items.

"A prompt investigation and forensic examination ensured this man was arrested within a few days and is now starting a prison sentence."

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