Majority of Americans think 2020 will be the most important election of their lifetime

Four in five Americans said 2020 has made them want to stand up for what they believe in more than ever before, according to new research. The survey of 2,000 Americans found 79% said this year has encouraged them to take a stand — and the top way they're doing so is by casting their ballot. In addition to voting, 39% of respondents are standing up for what they believe in by educating themselves more on current events, and a third (32%) are even educating others on how to vote. This education is paying off: 71% said they feel more informed about politics and current events since the start of the primaries in February. Commissioned by LOTRIMIN®, a foot care OTC brand, and conducted by OnePoll, the survey examined the other ways respondents are standing up for what they believe in, and what that means for their vote. Forty-four percent of respondents are more openly sharing their opinions, while 41% are having more conversations with loved ones about important issues ahead of the election. Seven in 10 believe they've made a positive impact on their loved ones' voting habits and stances on certain issues through these conversations. Some respondents might be speaking up because they can no longer stay quiet — 73% said this is the most important election of their life. The survey revealed 46% of respondents said they're more likely to stand up for issues they believe in ahead of the election, and they've also become more politically active. In fact, results found 68% said they're more politically active than they ever have been before. "As the people who care for your feet, we want you to worry less about them and more about making your voice heard this election season. Because now more than ever, it's important for people to stand up for what they believe in," said Thales Soares, VP and general manager of skin health at Bayer. "That's why we've launched our 'Stand with Confidence' program to invite everyone to find the confidence to tell the world what they stand for in this critical election year. You can read more about our program at" Seventy-six percent of respondents said they're planning to vote in this year's election, and of those, 54% are planning to vote in-person. And respondents agreed: due to COVID-19 and social distancing measures, 75% of voting respondents expect it to take longer to cast their ballot this year. Of those planning to vote, the average respondent would be willing to wait in line for almost five hours — but some have concerns about social distancing (24%) while others said their general aches and pains will make it more difficult to wait in line (22%). The weather (21%), foot pain (17%) and respondents' job (12%) were also all factors that might make it more difficult to vote in-person. But respondents won't give up that easily: 83% said once they show up, they won't leave without casting their ballot. "We know waiting in long lines can be uncomfortable, especially for those who suffer from common foot issues such as athlete's foot, wetness, odor, etc. So, whether you're standing in lines at the polls, or walking to your mailbox to cast your ballot, we want to help make it easier for people to step confidently and share their voice on Nov. 3," said Thales Soares, VP and general manager of skin health at Bayer.