Man 'beats seagull to death' for stealing his chip in Weston-super-Mare

Alexandra Richards
The man allegedly beat the bird to death after it stole a chip from him: Getty Images

Police are hunting a man who allegedly beat a seagull to death when it stole a chip from him.

The man reportedly launched the attack on the bird at 5.30pm as he ate chips on the seafront of the Weston-super-Mare on Tuesday.

Witnesses said he grabbed the seagull by its feet and swung it against the wall.

The bird did not die immediately and had to be put down by a vet later.

The man has been described as in his 60s, white, with greying hair.

The RSPCA described the incident as "shocking" and “unacceptable.”

A spokeswoman said: “This is a shocking incident and a completely unacceptable way to treat an animal, it must have been very upsetting for witnesses to the attack.

"We are grateful to the members of the public who were able to get this gull to a vet so it did not have to suffer further."

A spokesman for Somerset police said: "A man was reported as having harmed a seagull in Regent Street, Weston-super-Mare, at about 5.50pm on Tuesday, July 17.

“He was described as being in his 60s, white, about 5ft 8ins tall and with greying hair. He was wearing pink shorts, a blue and pink checked shirt and brown sandals."

Anyone with any information about this attack is urged to contact the RSPCA on 0300 123 4999.

Alternatively people can contact the police through, quoting reference 824 of 17 July.