Man spotted brushing teeth and spitting toothpaste out on train platform

The man brushed his teeth and spat toothpaste on the platform (Credit: Melissa Thermidor)

By Charlie Duffield

A London commuter called out a fellow passenger’s “disgusting behaviour” this morning after spotting him brushing his teeth in a Tube station.

Melissa Thermidor, 37, took photos of the commuter cleaning his teeth on a platform at Euston station before spitting toothpaste out on the floor.

Sharing the pictures on Twitter, she wrote: ‘Disgusting behaviour at Euston station this morning.

‘Packed platform and this man starts brushing his teeth and spits repeatedly on the platform.’

Ms Thermidor told Yahoo News UK: “No one called him out but people kind of shifted away from him when they realised what he was doing. I was shocked.”

Originally from New York, Ms Thermidor has lived in London for six years and commutes daily through Euston station.

She works as the social media manager for NHS Blood and Transport and added: ‘As someone who works for the NHS I was concerned about health and safety as well.

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The incident happened at 9:45am.

Ms Thermidor said: “The platform was busy. Trains were jam packed. I had to wait for three trains before I could board.”

In response to her Twitter post, people have shared their disgust at the commuter’s behaviour, which was described as ‘new levels of gross’.

One user commented: ‘Wtf?! He’s lucky it wasn’t me on the platform as I probably would have vomited on him.’

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Another added: ‘Society has completely broken down!’

Others questioned whether such behaviour on the London Underground is a blatant breach of conduct.

Earlier this year men were called out for boarding trains topless during the heatwave.

Likewise, in October a commuter documented a large white splodge on a Jubilee line carriage pole, which generated controversy and was questionably identified as either snot, phlegm or chewing gum.

At the time of writing, Ms Thermidor’s Twitter post has been shared almost two hundred times in two hours.

Referencing the commuter, she told Yahoo News UK: ‘I hope he’s okay, but also think that the tube isn’t the place for this sort of behaviour.’

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