Man City 115 charges latest - points deduction, guilty verdict, trial date set

As Manchester City celebrate a fourth successive Premier League title, the inevitable criticisms have begun surrounding the outstanding 115 charges against the Blues.

City were charged by the Premier League in 2023 over alleged breaches of the league's financial rules. The charges relate to failure to provide accurate financial information between 2009/10 and 2017/18 and failure to provide accurate details of player and manager payments over the same period.

Other charges allege non-compliance with Premier League investigations, breaking Profit and Sustainability Rules, and failure to comply with UEFA rules including Financial Fair Play obligations. City deny all the charges and say they welcome the chance to clear their name in front of an independent panel.

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As rivals and critics clamour for City's case to be resolved quickly, the truth is that nothing has changed. For so many complex charges, time must be taken to prepare a case against the club, and for City to prepare their defence.

Premier League CEO Richard Masters has confirmed a date has been set for City's hearing, telling a press conference last month: "We can't comment on the case, the date is set. The case will resolve itself at some point in the near future."

He recently added to the Times: "All we have said is that a date has been set for the hearing. We haven't said when that is. Our rulebook requires these commissions to be held in private, and everything to be confidential."

One report in the Mail claims the hearing will take place in the Autumn of this year, with a verdict to come in the summer of 2025 after all the evidence is considered.

With such unprecedented charges, the potential punishments in the case of a guilty verdict would be new ground in the Premier League. Everton and Nottingham Forest received points deductions this season for PSR breaches, but Masters told a Parliamentary Committee earlier this year why the cases are completely different to City's.

"They are very different charges," he said. “If any club, the current champions or otherwise, had been found in breach of the spending rules, they would be in exactly the same position as Everton or Nottingham Forest.

"But the volume and character of the charges laid before Manchester City, which I obviously cannot talk about at all, are being heard in a completely different environment."

Potential punishments for City could include points deductions, hefty fines, or even relegation and expulsion from the Premier League if the most serious charges are upheld. There are no set guidelines for possible punishments, which is why the options of relegations and expulsions are being mentioned.

City would be able to appeal any decision they were unhappy with to prompt a fresh hearing, but cannot take their case to the Court of Arbitration for Sport as they did with their UEFA ban in 2020.