Man deliberately gets arrested to avoid marrying girlfriend

Harriet Brewis
The man was hoping his girlfriend would break up with him over the incident: Pixabay

A groom-to-be in China deliberately got himself arrested in a desperate attempt to avoid getting married, it is reported.

The man, named only as Mr Chen, was allegedly detained after stealing a Bluetooth speaker from a dance studio in Shanghai.

He was arrested shortly after swiping the device, worth £222 on January 8, according to local and social media.

When questioned by police on his motives for the petty theft he reportedly replied: “Because my girlfriend wants to marry me, but I don’t want to marry her.

“I knew I would be caught. I actually wanted to walk away, but I was angry.”

He added that he hoped his girlfriend would be sufficiently disappointed in him that she would break things off.

However, he was careful to steal a low-value item so as to not inconvenience the owner too much.

“I knew you would find me,” he told officers. “I just didn’t think it would be so fast."