Man Gets Police to Fake His Arrest as Part of Elaborate Marriage Proposal

A man in Whitman, Massachusetts, enlisted the help of the Whitman Police Department to fake his arrest as part of an elaborate marriage proposal to his girlfriend on September 9.

According to the police, they were put in contact with Wayne Morse, who wanted to propose to his girlfriend, Kristen Fleming, in an unusual way. Wayne and Kristen had planned to go to dinner with Kristen’s parents on September 9, and Wayne wanted the police to come into the restaurant and “arrest” him before dropping to one knee and popping the question.

His plan seemed to work out the way he hoped. The footage shows two police officers putting handcuffs on Wayne in the restaurant while another stands by the door. When Kristen follows them outside to the police car, looking for an explanation for her boyfriend’s arrest, she is instead met with a proposal.

The Whitman Police Department called the quirky proposal a “one-and-done” occasion, and said they would not be entertaining “all sorts of crazy requests.” Credit: Whitman Police Department via Storyful

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