Man Harasses Vigil-Goers in Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Charges were laid after a November 10 vigil organized by a Jewish community group in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, was disrupted by a man.

Community group Take Action Chapel Hill filmed this video of the incident, saying, “Tonight, Jews at a prayer vigil in Chapel Hill were charged at by a man in a Trump 2020 hat who was non-stop screaming anti-Semitic abuse. Chapel Hill Police seized one of the Jewish folks the man charged into and then charged the Jewish person with assault.”

This footage shows the alleged attacker harassing people who attended the vigil that was organized to honor victims of the Pittsburgh Tree of Life synagogue shooting last month.

“He continued in this vein for the next 20-30 minutes before finally charging the circle of prayer service attendees,” the group said about the encounter.

The alleged attacker, Cody Gall, 36, posted a 41-minute video of him confronting the vigil-goers.

Police charged a man for assaulting Gall, 36, who was “grabbed and pushed,” reported ABC. No one was injured during the incident. Credit: Take Action Chapel Hill via Storyful