Man jailed for causing death of several dogs in 'most appalling case' of cruelty

Will Metcalfe


A man has been jailed for causing the death of several dogs by keeping them in appalling conditions.

Liam Reynolds caused three dogs to starve to death and decompose, and prosecutors say the remains of three other animals were found at his home in Illogan, Cornwall.

After the case, the RSPCA released shocking images to show the squalor the Reynolds, 28, kept his pets in.

They were held inside a ‘cramped’ trailer without water, and the bodies of two were found decomposing nearby.

Appearing at Bodmin Magistrates’ Court, Reynolds pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering and was sentenced to 16-weeks in prison.

Police and RSPCA officers visited Reynolds in March, 2018, after witnesses had described a “powerful smell of rotting flesh”.

The bodies of two dogs were found, one had been left to decompose inside an animal feed bag and the other, Sam, was found in a makeshift kennel.

Liam Reynolds has been jailed for 16-weeks for causing unnecessary suffering to animals after inspectors found the remains of three dogs, and three others in poor condition at Illogan, Cornwall. (SWNS)

Three living dogs were found – a lurcher called Ben with skin missing from his face, a beagle called Bruno was aggressive and later put down as a result, and a third named Tia who was found inside a caravan which was in a “shambolic state” with a “build-up of faeces, especially on the mattress”.

During a search of the site remains of at least three other dogs were also found.

Before signing over care of the dogs to the police, Reynolds told officers: “I know I’ve f*cked up.”

A postmortem examination of one dog found it had been dead for at least two or three weeks and had died from malnutrition due to starvation.

Kevin Withey, prosecuting for the RSPCA, revealed that upon writing his statement, a police officer with 21 years of service described the site as the “most upsetting” scene he had ever seen and he had “never witnessed animals being forced to live in such poor conditions”.

Mr Withey added the animals had been “obviously suffering” and their needs were “deliberately ignored”.

Defending Reynolds, Christopher Mitchell told the court Reynolds’ father died of cancer last year.

District Judge Diane Baker described the events as the “most appalling case of animal cruelty” during a “prolonged period of serious neglect”.

Reynolds was disqualified from owning any animals for 20 years, and cannot challenge the order for 10 years.

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