Is This The Man Who Shot Colonel Gaddafi?

Video footage has emerged of a man who is said to have killed Colonel Gaddafi and which appears to contradict claims Libya's former leader died in crossfire.

The pictures show the man being feted and surrounded by fighters loyal to the National Transitional Council (NTC).

He said he found the deposed dictator in a hole.

There have been suggestions the despot was executed as other footage showed him alive, bloodied and being roughed up, and later his dead body was on the floor.

One fighter said: "This is the guy who killed Gaddafi. With his hands. Using this (gun), you see.

"He did it in front of me. I saw it in front of me, he's the guy who killed him. He is the killer."

The NTC has said Col Gaddafi was taken alive in Sirte and was shot in the head during an exchange of gunfire.

Sky's Emma Hurd said of the latest footage: "This appears to contradict earlier NTC statements that Gaddafi was killed in crossfire between anti and pro-Gaddafi forces as they were trying to take him to hospital.

"The NTC is still trying to stick to that line that this was not an act of cold-blooded revenge.

"But certainly these pictures indicate that it was somebody on the anti-Gaddafi side who shot him, apparently in the head."

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