Man mistakenly sent size 1450 slipper

A man who ordered a pair of size 14.5 slippers was left stunned when a size 1450 was delivered to his doorstep following a manufacturing blunder.

Tom Boddingham, 27, who lives in Ilford, East London, ordered the £15.50 custom-made hairy animal claw slippers online for his size 13 right foot 14-and-a-half left foot.
Photo: Caters
But after mixing up a decimal point, the manufacturing company based in Hong Kong mixed up the order and sent him one extra large 7ft slipper – also known as a size XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXL.

However, Mr Boddingham received the other slipper in the size he requested

According to the slipper firm, factory workers assumed the gigantic order was for a shop window display.

Mr Boddingham said: “It was sent from Hong Kong and measures 210 x 130 x 65cm - about the same length as a grizzly bear or family car.

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“I reckon I must be the owner of the biggest slipper in the world.”

A spokesman for the British slipper Website Monster Slippers apologised for the mistake, saying: “They messed up and didn’t notice the decimal point, so here we are with a blinking great slipper that’s equivalent to a size 1,450.

“We are making him a replacement slipper of the right dimensions.”

Mr Boddingham now plans to sell the giant slippers on eBay.
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