Man Offers Six-Month Trip Of A Lifetime To Anyone Who Can Care For His Injured Girlfriend

A doting boyfriend is offering to pay for a six-month trip to an idyllic Caribbean island – to someone who will look after his bed-bound girlfriend.

Jeremie Tronet is willing to cover the cost of flights, food, excursions and even kite surfing lessons to a person who can help out his girlfriend, who suffered an horrific accident.

Zoe Schaffer-Jennett is after a fall (Jeremie Tronet/Facebook)

The professional kite surfer, who lives in the Grenadines, is also offering to pay for a plus one.

Tronet posted the offer on his Facebook page after his girlfriend fell three metres down a concrete ditch and and fractured her femur and hip.

Zoe Schaffer-Jennett was flown to Martinique for her emergency surgery, which lasted four hours, and is now making a recovery.

The pair live in the idyllic Grenadines (jeremietronet/instagram)

She is still unable to walk – and needs five or six months of rehabilitation.

However, the pair cannot send her to a specialised physiotherapy centre without medical insurance.

Not sure what to do, they reached out to the internet – and Tronet’s post is beginning to go viral with more than 300 shares and 90 comments.

The couple are looking for a physical therapist, orthopedic surgeon or someone who works in a rehabilitation centre.

Sound like you? You can contact them on with your full CV.

(Credit: jeremietronet/instagram)