Man who stabbed child killer David Gaut 150 times is jailed for life

Emily Mee, news reporter

A man who murdered a convicted child killer has been jailed for life with a minimum term of 24 years.

Ieuan Harley, 23, stabbed David Gaut to death in New Tredegarm, Caerphilly last August after discovering he killed a 15-month-old boy.

Two other men - David Osborne, 51, and Darran Evesham, 47 - were also jailed for helping Harley move the body and dispose of evidence.

Gaut was jailed for life in July 1985 for the murder of his girlfriend's son Chi Ming Shek while babysitting.

The baby suffered a fractured skull, broken arm and injured liver and spleen in the attack.

The child killer, who had been freed in 2017, was invited to neighbour David Osborne's flat after his previous conviction was discovered.

Gaut was then stabbed at least 150 times, and a further 26 times after he died. His fingernails were also cut off.

Newport Crown Court heard Gaut "screamed for help" as he was killed by Harley.

Osborne said he was in his kitchen when he heard the attack unfold.

He said: "I could hear some arguing and shouting.

"Then I heard a sharp intake of breath. It sounded like a knife going into flesh and someone being stabbed.

"I could hear David shouting out 'help' and heard him screaming. I felt scared."

Osborne then described entering his lounge to find Harley holding a bloodied knife and standing over Mr Gaut's body.

The pair used bleach to clean up the blood and were joined by Evesham about 30 minutes later.

Osborne said the three men "carried and dragged" Mr Gaut's body back to his own flat.

Detective Superintendent Judith Roberts of Gwent Police said: "The shocking level of violence inflicted upon David Gaut - both before and after he died - is reflected in the prison sentence handed down to Ieuan Harley today.

"David's past conviction and prison sentence attracted significant media and public interest; however, this did not distract us from the focus of our investigation, which was to identify who was responsible for his death and bring them to justice."

Evesham was jailed for three and a half years for after being found guilty of perverting the court of justice.

Osborne was cleared of murder but jailed for two years and four months for admitting perverting the course of justice.