Man with stinky socks arrested

A man was arrested in India for “causing a nuisance” after he refused to dispose of foul-smelling socks

A man was arrested after his foul-smelling socks led to a confrontation between him and fellow bus passengers.

Prakash Kumar, 27, was accused of “causing a nuisance” by fellow passengers after refusing to discard foul-smelling socks on a bus trip to the Indian capital of Delhi.

During the trip, Mr Kumar removed his socks and shoes.

The smell given off, however, was so strong that other passengers asked him to either put the socks away, or to discard them, something he refused to do.

As a result, the other passengers forced the bus driver to stop at a police station, where they made the complaint.

However, Mr Kumar was quoted by the Hindustan Times claiming his socks did not smell, and the passengers had argued with him for “no reason”.