Manifest, NBC’s cancelled show, is now Netflix’s most-watched show worldwide

Manifest has made a successful return to our screens  (Netflix)
Manifest has made a successful return to our screens (Netflix)

Manifest, the TV series NBC cancelled, recently became Netflix’s most-watched show of the week worldwide.

The show first launched in 2018, telling the story of a group of strangers who ended up on the same flights from Jamaica to New York.

It takes the plane five years to reach its destination, leading everyone to believe that the people who took the flight must be dead.

As the characters try to grasp what has happened, rejoin society and move on, they start to experience odd things, like having visions of the future.

The show stars Melissa Roxburgh, Josh Dallas, Athena Karkanis, JR Ramirez, and more.

After the season finale of the third series, which had left viewers on the edge of their seats thanks to a major cliffhanger, NBC announced that it was cancelling it in June 2021.

That same month, series producer Jeff Rake tweeted: “My dear Manifesters, I’m devastated by NBC’s decision to cancel us. That we’ve been shut down in the middle is a gut punch, to say the least.

“Hoping to find a new home. You the fans deserve an ending to your story. Thanks for the love shown to me, cast, and crew. #savemanifest”

Netflix put on its superhero cape and saved the show, adding all previous episodes of the show plus part one of the fourth seasonsdays just a few days ago, on November 4.

This week, the beloved show went on social media to reveal that it had become the streaming platform’s number-one show globally, with more than 57 million hours streamed this week.

The week’s second place was held by Inside Man, a four-part drama-thriller starring David Tennant, with viewers dedicating 52.9 million hours this week.

And The Scratch, starring Zoe Saldana and Eugenio Mastrandrea, took third place, with 50.45 million hours.