Many in Liverpool still unaware of newly introduced voting laws

The Government has made producing photo ID at polling stations a requirement to vote
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Just days before the country goes to the polls, a Liverpool ECHO survey has found that almost one in three are not aware of the newly introduced voter ID laws.

The vote on July 4 will be the first general election in which people will have to provide a form of identification to vote.

Despite this being the first general election that requires voter ID, the 24% of Merseysiders who voted in the 2024 Liverpool City Region Mayoral election will be familiar with the new requirements.

There are a variety of forms of ID that will be accepted, including passports, driving licenses and blue parking badges. For a full list of acceptable forms of ID, click here.

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The introduction of voter ID rules have been highly contentious as many worry the rules will simply prevent thousands of people from voting.

Last month, data from Survation and Royal Holloway, University of London stated that there are believed to be 44,600 people in the Liverpool City Region who may be prevented from voting as a result of the new regulations.

Prior to voter ID becoming a requirement, the Electoral Commission warned that the implementation of such a rule would likely most impact the young, people with disabilities and ethnical minorities.

Criticism of the rules has also come from closer to home. Steve Rotheram, Liverpool City Region Metro Mayor, accused the rules of being "blatant ID gerrymandering."

In addition to not having ID, the new rules could cause issues for those who simply are not aware of the requirements to bring ID with them to vote.

With this in mind, we polled the people of Liverpool city centre to gauge how many people are aware of the new requirements.

Almost a third of the people who were asked were not aware of the new rules. Many of which were quick to thank us for the heads up. The other two thirds of those asked were fully aware of the new rules. One man even told us, "there is no excuse for not knowing by now."

A woman said: "It's been drilled into us enough by now!"

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