How many substitutes are allowed at the Qatar World Cup?

The World Cup is nearly at an end, with many managers having made full use of the substitution rules in Qatar.

Coaches have traditionally been permitted three substitutions per game in football, but the Covid pandemic and the impact it had on player health saw a widespread change implemented: two extra substitutes being allowed in a match.

That rule is also in place at the Qatar World Cup, with managers allowed to make five swaps across three separate moments in a game – not including half time.

If a knockout game reaches extra time, then an additional substitute may be introduced.

Furthermore, if a player sustains or is believed to have sustained a concussion, their coach is granted another substitution. The opposing team then also receive the opportunity to make another change, in the interest of balance.

So, a manager could theoretically make as many as seven substitutions in a match, if said game were to go to extra time and a player on the coach’s team were to suffer a concussion or exhibit symptoms of such an injury.