Mark comes up with a plan to clear his name

Daniel Kilkelly
Photo credit: Channel 5

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Mark is suspended from work and grilled over Hamish's death as the police's new prime suspect. Feeling guilty, Tyler announces that he's going to tell the police the full story about his altercation with Hamish.

Coming up with a plan B, Mark suggests that they should try to find Louise, as he's certain she can tell them what really happened that night.

Meanwhile, worried about Courtney, Paul tells Tim the truth about their wedding and makes an emotional appeal, believing Courtney would be much better off with her dad in her life.

Elsewhere, Steph is determined to stay positive about the upcoming launch for the Flame Tree Retreat. Things run smoothly at first, but problems soon arise.

Also today, it's Gary's first day working in the Lassiters kitchen and he's excited, but he quickly becomes unsettled by the brusque manner of the head chef Aleksander.

Photo credit: Channel 5

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