Mark Wahlberg’s Bald Hitman Takes to the Skies in ‘Flight Risk’ Trailer | Video

What’s scarier than flying Boeing?

How about transporting a prisoner, who is set to testify against a powerful mob family, and realizing that the pilot of the rickety plane is actually one of the bad guys? This is what befalls an Air Marshal (Michelle Dockery), her witness (Topher Grace) and the very bad man in the pilot’s chair (Mark Wahlberg) in the new movie “Flight Risk.” Watch the trailer above.

Judging by the trailer, “Flight Risk” seems like the kind of contained, highly pressurized thriller that they don’t make too often. Wahlberg, sporting a slick Southern accent and a bald head, seems fully committed to his villainous role, clearly relishing his walk on the dark side after playing so many affable heroes. And Dockery and Grace look like they’ve fully committed to the fun too.

“Flight Risk” was directed by Mel Gibson, who, incredibly, has weathered many personal and professional storms. It’s the first film he’s directed since “Hacksaw Ridge,” which nabbed him a Best Director Oscar nomination, with the movie also being nominated for Best Picture. (It won for Best Sound Mixing and Best Editing.) But the thing that “Flight Risk” most closely resembles from his filmography is “Apocalypto,” his South American chase movie that is one of the most viscerally thrilling movies of the past 20 years.

The movie was written by Jared Rosenberg and produced by John Davis, John Fox, Bruce Davey and Gibson, with Alex Lebovici, Jenny Hinkey, Ryan D. Smith, Natasha Stassen,  Allen Cheney, Christopher Woodrow, K. Blaine Johnston, Christian Mercuri, Petr Jákl, Vicki Christianson, Nick Guerra, Russell Hollander, Jon Huddle, Patrick Josten, Walter Josten and Jordan Wagner serving as executive producers.

“Flight Risk” takes to the skies on October 18.

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