Market Moving: Spectacular Video Shows Thai Traders Clear the Way for Trains

The unique location of the Maeklong Railway Market is spectacularly highlighted in this video from the Sydney-based photographer and designer Demas Rusli.

The Maeklong railway line runs right through the market, and, up to eight times a day, stall owners withdraw their canopies and produce to allow the safe passage of trains. For this reason, the market is also known as the “umbrella pulldown” market.

Rusli, who was visiting Thailand as a tourist, captured the sight from the air. He then cut and sped up the footage to give a unique perspective of the market.

“This place, the Maeklong Railway Market, was my favorite spot from the trip for sure!” said Rusli in a post to Instagram. “Pretty crazy to think that a place like this actually exists!” Credit: instagram/demas via Storyful