'Married At First Sight UK' hit by major blunder as E4 airs the wrong episode on finale night

Pictured: (L-R) Alexis, Jordon, Adam, Tayah (bottom row), Morag, Luke, Robert, Joshua, Megan (bottom row), Amy, Franky, Daniel, Marilyse, Matt, Ant and Nikita.
Married At First Sight UK viewers were left disappointed. (Channel 4)

Married At First Sight UK fans were left disappointed on Thursday night as E4 aired the previous night's episode instead of the much-anticipated series finale, before it went off air altogether.

Viewers of the dating show had been looking forward to finding out whether the last three couples had decided to stay together, but moments into the episode it became clear that the channel was airing Wednesday night's instalment again instead.

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The broadcast was eventually canned completely, as was AJ Odudu's spin-off show Married At First Sight: Afters, with promises that both would be shown at a later date.

Fans had been left on a cliffhanger to find out what Amy and Josh were going to do and were also waiting for decisions from Tayah and Adam, and Morag and Luke, but instead found themselves rewatching an old episode of the couples who had already renewed their vows.

Married at first sight Luke and Morag
Fans had been waiting to find out whether Luke and Morag stayed together. (Channel 4)

One viewer tweeted: "I feel like Morag…. This isn’t exactly what I asked for in a final episode."

Someone else added: "E4 can you pull it together please its the FINAL EPISODE."

A tweet on the E4 official account read: "We’re aware it’s yesterday’s episode of #MAFSUK playing out this evening and apologise. It’s all down to our ongoing tech issues which we’re working hard on. We’ll update here as soon as we know more and when you’ll be able to see the final episode of MAFS UK."

Marilyse and Franky's decision had already aired. (Channel 4)
Marilyse and Franky's decision had already aired. (Channel 4)

Earlier in the week, some viewers had reported problems in watching programmes across the Channel 4 brand with "technical issues" blamed for the disruption in service.

But the issues didn't end there, as at the end of the first ad break viewers found their screens had frozen for several minutes before going back into more adverts and again getting stuck on a holding screen.

It then stayed off air for the duration of the programme time before the next ad break and was eventually replaced by an old episode of First Dates 15 minutes before the end.

Pictured: Joshua and Amy.
Josh and Amy's cliffhanger ending did not get a resolution. (Channel 4)

One frustrated viewer tweeted: "By the time this episode airs Adam and Tayah will have had three kids, adopted seven dogs and had numerous arguments over that coffee table."

Another disappointed fan added: "Some of us have work in the morning, sort it out or I'm off to bed!"

Someone else wrote: "I’d rather queue up for petrol than watch this purple screen or 1000 adverts again."

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On Wednesday evening, viewers had seen both Matt and Dan, and Marilyse and Franky choose to stay together, while the episode ended just before Amy and Josh announced their decision.

E4 was also due to air spin-off show Married At First Sight UK: Afters straight after the main programme, where host AJ Odudu should have been discussing the week's events but would have been a crucial episode short.

Odudu tweeted: "Oi oi! @E4Tweets have had a little (massive) technical glitch so won't be showing tonight's #MAFSUK final. But fear not, there'll be no spoilers on #MAFSAFTERS as that won't be shown either. Both coming soon."

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