'Married At First Sight UK's' Josh storms off camera over kids question

Pictured: Joshua, 26
Josh drew the line at pressure over kids. (Channel 4)

Married At First Sight UK's Josh has stormed off camera after finding a grilling about having children with his show wife Amy too much to handle.

The couple were thrown together as part of the E4 reality contest which sees strangers meet for the first time at the altar, but Josh, who has struggled throughout the series with Amy wanting to move at a faster pace than him, cracked under the pressure in Monday's episode.

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Couples had been sent on a final romantic date but as Josh was called away from a picnic with Amy and asked on camera how many kids he wanted, it all proved a little too much for him.

Pictured: Joshua and Amy.
Josh and Amy have had a few rows on the show. (Channel 4)

He replied: "If... look... let us move in together, we'll take it step by step, if that works then we'll talk about kids."

Josh then walked away from the interview, calling out: "See you later."

Before the awkward scene, he had been pushed by Amy on his feelings for her as she told him she wanted to wait until he told her he loved her to say it back.

Josh, who described himself as "a slow burner", asked Amy: "Does it matter who says it first?"

Pictured: Jordon, Alexis, Amy and Joshua.
The couple have disagreed on how fast to move. (Channel 4)

After stumbling through the conversation without committing to anything, Josh left Amy confused by what they'd agreed.

She told the cameras: "The fact that Josh is waiting to drop the L-bomb until just around the corner says to me that he already loves me so I'm taking it."

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However, viewers thought Josh was the more sensible of the pair by refusing to jump into declarations of love and not being drawn on the subject of children.

One person tweeted: "I’m feeling for Josh. He’s the only one that doesn’t seem to think this whole thing is a race but everyone else, including the camera crew, are pushing him to have a five year plan sorted and everything."

Someone else wrote: "Josh won't let anyone push him into the 'talk'."

Another viewer commented: "I think Josh is being sensible about taking it step by step."

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