Married at First Sight UK contestants clash after cheating scandal

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Photo credit: Channel 4
Photo credit: Channel 4

Married at First Sight UK contestants Megan and Alexis clashed at the recommitment ceremony tonight (September 15), after Megan admitted to having an "emotional connection" with Alexis' original match.

In one of the most dramatic storylines this season, last week saw Megan turn her back on husband Bob and have an affair with Jordon, who was initially paired with Alexis.

Bob and Megan finally openly discussed the drama in tonight's recommitment ceremony, but it was Alexis' input that brought Megan to tears.

Megan told the experts: "I was feeling very alone. Me and Bob were both really gutted that [our marriage] wasn't what we both wanted."

Photo credit: Channel 4
Photo credit: Channel 4

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"I'm trying my hardest to do what Bob needs me to do and to get there," Megan admitted.

She told the experts more about the "emotional connection" she says she shared with Jordon that led her to cheat on Bob, and him to cheat on Alexis.

"He and I felt that maybe we were a better match," Megan explained.

Despite having since broken up with Jordon and been re-matched with Ant, Alexis said it was "shit to hear" that the pair had shared more than just a physical connection.

"I didn't know about you and Jordon's in-depth conversation," she told Megan. "I want to be even more guarded because you're still here."

Photo credit: Channel 4
Photo credit: Channel 4

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Megan profusely apologised for her actions, saying: "Unfortunately my feelings transpired into an action, and that action hurt people."

Bob said he had forgiven Megan, and that their marital problems began before the affair took place. He admitted he still did "not 100%" trust Megan, but said he "want[ed] to draw a line under it".

Megan agreed that their problems went further back, revealing: "I'm trying to repair something that wasn't even there in the first place."

Photo credit: Channel 4
Photo credit: Channel 4

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"That explosion did a number of things," she continued. "It did a lot of damage but it blew up a lot of the barriers and bullshit as well."

When it came to recommitting, both Bob and Megan decided to stay in the process and work at their partnership for another week.

Ultimately, Megan ended up exchanging more harsh words with Alexis than with Bob.

Alexis insisted that despite her re-matching with Ant, and the fact they shared an emotional connection of some kind before the marriages were dissolved as well, they had acted honourably by not engaging physically.

Megan said in a confessional: "I don't know how long I can stay in this process paying for this mistake."

Photo credit: Channel 4
Photo credit: Channel 4

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However, in revealing previews for tomorrow's episode (September 16), it showed Megan saying to Alexis about the affair: "It was your idea!"

Married at First Sight UK airs Monday to Thursdays on E4.

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