Martin Kemp tells son Roman he might have '10 years left to live'

Martin and Roman Kemp
Martin and Roman Kemp -Credit:ITV

Spandau Ballet star Martin Kemp has shared that he feels as though he could have ten years left to live. It comes following a health scare the former EastEnders actor experienced when he was just 34.

Martin, now 62, was diagnosed with a brain tumour in the 1990s and says that every day since then has been "a gift." He made the comments during the first episode of his podcast alongside son, Roman Kemp.

The new venture is titled: 'FFS! My Dad is Martin Kemp'. Martin responded to Roman's question about life expectancy during the episode and said: "10 years, I don't know!"

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Speaking about his brain tumour, Martin said: "But I was the age of 34 when I went through all that brain tumour scare and I went through two years of my life thinking I was going to die.

Martin concluded by revealing his acceptance of his fate back then and how it has influenced his outlook on life, WalesOnline reports. He said: "When I thought I was going to die I thought, you know what, I'm quite happy. And that was back then, so every year that I live, every month that I'm alive now, is a bonus."

Discussing their latest project, One Show presenter Roman said: "I want to do things with you because I like that when I'm older, if I have grandkids, I have evidence to show my relationship with you."