Martin Lewis criticises Keir Starmer's stance on lowering voting age linked to tax contributions

Martin Lewis, a regular on ITV, has criticised a "strange" comment made by Sir Keir Starmer regarding the reduction of the voting age. The Times reported that Mr Starmer, discussing his policy to lower the voting age to 16, stated: "If you pay tax you should be allowed to say what you think your tax should be spent on."

Responding to this, Mr Lewis said: "This is quite a strange line reported from Starmer on reducing the voting age. Everyone is eligible to pay tax in the same way."

"Just most children don't earn over the tax-free personal allowance. On this logic, a 12 year old who's a film star, or has a big inheritance or savings, or a helluva paper round so that they pay tax, should get a vote."

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A Twitter user responded to this, saying: "It's called Nit Picking.. I'm no fan of " Sir Keir" but it was mainly the gist of his argument nothing more.. its this sort if nit picking that encourages honest folks to avoid politics .. leaving it to clowns and con artists,".

Mr Lewis replied: "It's questioning linking voting to taxation as an argument. Many people pay tax who don't get a vote (foreign residents etc). I think we need to be careful in political debate to reflect the realities.", reports Birmingham Live.

Another person chimed in with: "Personally I think it's much better to say that a 16 year old will be affected by the government's decisions just as much as an 80 year old so why shouldn't they have the same choice? ".

"If that is an argument, I want that vote please. No matter how long I've been paying tax here, I still remain a foreigner not trusted with a vote. However, for 1300 quid I can buy myself a British passport, and then all of a sudden I am trusted, although nothing else has changed," another said.

"Young people who are older than the Minimum School Leaving Age should be allowed to vote. Most 16/17 year olds I know are more politically aware than adults I know who have legally bent allowed to vote for years," another Twitter user wrote.