Martin Lewis fan claims back £600 from energy provider using simple trick

-Credit: (Image: ITV)
-Credit: (Image: ITV)

A couple managed to secure a £600 refund from their energy provider, thanks to a 'next level' tip from Martin Lewis. Amelia expressed her gratitude towards the founder for his 'detailed explanations', which enabled her to claim back credit.

Those who pay their energy bills via direct debit have their monthly payments calculated by dividing the annual costs - based on average usage - by 12. According to Martin's team, this method evens out your bills, essentially accumulating credit in summer to utilise in winter - however, if usage is lower than anticipated, there could be a substantial build-up of energy credit reports Birmingham Live.

The MSE team suggests that if there is 'too much' credit, it might be worth requesting some of it back. Martin has previously stated that more than a month's worth of credit qualifies as 'too much'.

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Amelia's success story was featured in a recent newsletter, as reported by the Mirror. She said: "Thanks for your detailed explanations on gas and electricity and what time of year it makes sense to be in credit and debit.

"My partner and I were able to secure a £600 repayment. Of course, our supplier initially suggested leaving the money in our account and only after I explained to them why it didn't make sense did they say 'OK'. We had the money in our account within days. I've always thought I'm money-savvy, but your tips are next level."