Martin Lewis shares ITV Good Morning Britain announcement which delights fans

martin lewis
Martin Lewis issues announcement over ITV career 'due to busy schedule' -Credit:ITV

Martin Lewis, the money-saving guru and BBC Sounds podcast host, has confirmed his return to Good Morning Britain as a presenter alongside Susanna Reid on Wednesday May 8.

Due to his busy schedule, Martin's appearances on the show are sporadic. On Tuesday, the 51-year-old announced: "Tomorrow morning from 6am, I'm looking forward to sitting next to @susannahreid100 to present @ GMB.

"I've just been told the provisional running order should be good; some Eurovision, some politics, debate, allergy news. And I'll tell you how to get some of the £3.7bn of your money energy firms are sitting on before we interview the energy sec of state."

He further added: "I've done it many times. I am technically a regular presenter of GMB, but due to my schedule can only do it about a dozen times a year."

Fans were quick to suggest questions for Martin to ask on the Wednesday morning show the Mirror reports, with one social media user writing: "Please ask the energy Secretary of State how much surplus grid energy the UK typically wastes in a year? And its capacity to generate energy if it has infinite use for it? And then ask if he has considered using it to mine bitcoin on behalf of our once great, and potentially great again, nation. Thank you."

Martin Lewis hosting Money Show Live on ITV
Martin Lewis announced he will be returning to GMB on Wednesday -Credit:TV

Another prankster jumped in with: "If you're sick or unable to make it for some reason then I'm happy to stand in, Martin. Qualified Chartered Accountant so can speak knowledgeably to Susanna, (unless she looks at me)."

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Besides his stint on GMB with Susanna, Martin also had the opportunity to guest-host This Morning in March, taking on the role alongside fan favourite Josie Gibson. Martin revealed that this was a "one off" gig, but confessed it was something he'd always dreamt of, highlighting that his first appearances on the show were 21 years prior as a guest.

Audience feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with one viewer tweeting: "What a delight is having Martin Lewis presenting #ThisMorning today. He should do it at least once a week, he is great and pretty funny! " while another said: "What a pleasure to watch Martin Lewis on this morning."

Martin of course also has his own TV project, The Martin Lewis Money Show, which began airing on ITV in 2012.

The show has garnered praise for its informative Brexit and Budget specials, as well as a series of live shows hosted by Martin throughout the Covid pandemic in 2020.

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