Martin Roberts: I watched doctors save my life during emergency heart surgery

Watch: Martin Roberts reveals he was awake throughout his emergency heart operation

Martin Roberts has detailed his "bizarre" experience of being conscious while doctors plunged a needle into his heart to save his life.

The Homes Under the Hammer star was rushed to hospital for life-saving surgery after doctors found a litre-and-a-half of fluid had built up in his chest and had to be drained to prevent heart failure.

Roberts, 58, told Good Morning Britain: "It was very bizarre as I was awake throughout the whole process and watched as they drew out all this effectively death-giving liquid from my chest.

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"I'm still here in hospital being looked after wonderfully by the NHS staff. They literally saved my life."

Martin Roberts gave an update on his health on GMB, after undergoing surgery. (ITV)
Martin Roberts has detailed the bizarre experience of being awake during the heart procedure. (ITV)

The TV presenter is being treated at Royal United Hospital in Bath, where he expects to remain for some time while doctors investigate the cause of his heart problem.

Roberts explained: "I am aware of the signs of a heart attack, which is those things but with tingling and things. So like a bloke I thought I'll just make it through the week.

"By the time it got to Tuesday, Wednesday, I was feeling so rubbish that my wife took me to A&E, and basically I was rushed through A&E and to cut a long story short, they found that I'd actually got water or liquid around my heart, which was compressing the heart to a point where at any point it could have stopped.

Martin Roberts
Martin Roberts has said he must remain in hospital while doctors investigate. (PA)

"Unlike a normal heart attack there is nothing you can do about it. You can't do the whole defibrillator or chest massage, because the heart itself is literally being strangled.

"So within three to four hours I was on an emergency operating ward, having a tube put into this sack around my heart and they drained off a litre and a half of fluid that was literally sort of strangling myself."

GMB presenter Richard Madeley told Roberts he had been concerned for his health after he recently drove a 1,270 miles across Europe to deliver medical supplies and food to Ukraine.

Richard Madeley on Good Morning Britain.
Richard Madeley told Roberts he had been concerned about his health. (ITV)

Madeley said: "I have to say to you Martin, when Susanna [Reid] and I spoke to you when you were in Medyka about a month ago, we spoke after the show and we were a bit concerned about you.

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"You had driven pretty much non-stop across Europe to get there, and although you gave a very good account of yourself you looked exhausted. You then came home and this terrible health crisis just suddenly fell out of a clear blue sky."

Last month Roberts offered his services to charity initiative Help from Bournemouth, and drove aid relief to Ukraine. He spoke to GMB live from Poland while making the journey.

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