Marvel's Zoe Saldaña in first-look at new thriller Special Ops: Lioness

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A first look at Marvel star Zoe Saldaña in thriller TV series Special Ops: Lioness has been unveiled.

The new Paramount+ project, which comes from Yellowstone's Taylor Sheridan, is also set to star Nicole Kidman and follows the Lioness Engagement Team as they try to wipe out a terrorist organisation.

The first pictures show the two stars in action, as well as star Laysla De Oliveira as young marine Cruz Manuelos in harsh terrain.

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Saldaña takes on the role of Joe, the station chief of the Lioness program who was once undercover herself and has graduated to overseeing the next generation of operatives.

Speaking about the characters, the actress told Vanity Fair: “They each represent a different sort of generation in this program.

“One is just starting, so there’s this freshness and passion. Then you have me [as Joe], who’s in the middle of it all. [Joe’s] been here long enough to be burned out but long enough to understand the mission and be resolved with what needs to happen."

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Kidman takes on the role of Kaitlyn Meade, "the CIA's Senior Supervisor who has had a long career of playing the politics game".

Kidman explained of her role: “She’s had a long career in terms of playing politics, but also she’s been in the field. She’s actually running the Lioness program. But she also knows how to be a soldier.”

The cast also includes Teen Wolf's Jill Wagner and This Is Us' Dave Annable, as well as LaMonica Garrett, Stephanie Nur and Jonah Wharton.

Special Ops: Lioness is set to stream on Paramount+.

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