Mary Berry says her parents were not proud of her and she was almost 'seen and not heard'

Isobel Frodsham

Mary Berry has said her parents were not proud of her and they were not "involved" with her and her siblings.

The TV cook and food expert, 84, left her Bath home when she was 21 to pursue her ambitions in London and France.

But Berry said her parents disapproved of her choices despite her hugely successful career.

The former Great British Bake Off judge spoke to BBC Good Food about her early experiences.

Baking Queen and Her Majesty: Mary Berry with Queen Elizabeth II (REUTERS)

Asked if her parents were proud of her, she said: “No, not at all.

“Although they were pleased I did well at domestic science, and that I used to bring nice things home to eat.

“But it was a different era – we were almost ‘seen and not heard’. My parents weren’t involved with us, and I sensed their disappointment.”

Berry was born into an established family, and her parents did not want her to move to London.

She was determined to make it in her own way, and took a job in the capital against their wishes.

Old times: Great British Bake Off Winner Frances Quinn (centre) with Paul Hollywood and Berry in 2013 (BBC)

She said: “I knew I wanted to go to London, I didn’t mind how hard I worked, and even though I didn’t have the backing of my parents, it was great.”

Berry went on to study at the French Le Cordon Bleu school, and took numerous jobs in the food industry before penning her first cookbook.

The full interview with Berry is available on the BBC Good Food website.

With reporting from Press Association.

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