The Mouse — AKA Dionne Warwick — Said Being On 'The Masked Singer' Was "A Ball"

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Season 3 of The Masked Singer has all the fans trying their hardest to guess which celebrities will be behind each of the extravagant costumes. And they got a head start thanks to a promotional trailer that dropped a few weeks ago. It gave a sneak peak at four of the new costumes — and a few clues to go along with each of them, of course.

Since then, fans have been off to the races, analyzing and speculating wildly. And although some of the costumes and clues have left viewers a bit perplexed, to say the least, people are flooding Twitter with a few solid guesses for the Mouse.

So who is the Mouse?

Despite having only two weeks to guess, fans and (some) judges knew from the get-go that the Mouse was Grammy-winning singer Dionne Warwick.


Judge Robin Thicke guessed the icon following her first performance, with judges Nicole Scherzinger and Jenny McCarthy jumping on the bandwagon the following week. the following week. And, if you take a moment to rewatch the clue packages, you see that they should have known sooner.

  • Warwick has a song called "Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang," and there was a reference in the first clue package about the "Bang Bang Formation."
  • Warwick is 79 years old, which was one of the numbers shown in the clue package. Warwick, however, said 79 was actually a reference to the year she released her first album, Dionne.
  • The football team shown in the first clue video was a nod to the Raiders, a team which Warwick said she was made an honorary owner of years ago.
  • In the second performance clue package, there were a lot of references to gold, which could be a nod to the show "Solid Gold," which Warwick hosted.
  • That same package featured a photo of prayer hands, referencing Warwick's hit "Say a Little Prayer."
  • The Mouse also mentioned that she loves needlepointing, something Warwick has said she enjoys doing.
  • Following her second performance of "This Will Be" by Natalie Cole, the Mouse said she chose a song sung by her good friend. Warwick and Cole have been close for years, and even performed "You've got a Friend" as a duet.

Tons of viewers were guessing Warrwick from day one, and were sad to see her leave The Masked Singer.

But Warwick was not as upset as fans. After being eliminated, the singer thanked the judges with a smile.

"It’s been an absolute pleasure," she said. "I had the best time. It was a ball."

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