Matt Edmondson: I was so obsessed with social media I'd check Twitter on the toilet

Lizzie Edmonds
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Presenter Matt Edmondson has said he’s cutting back on social media as he was so obsessed he’d check Twitter on the toilet.

The 34-year-old radio host, who currently presents the BBC Radio 1 Weekend breakfast show with singer Mollie King, said he’s banished his apps to a special folder on his phone so he doesn’t obsessively check them.

He told Insider: “I have a frantic brain and I am always thinking about what is next. I check Twitter on the toilet, I call someone when I walk the dog. I am mainly just scrolling, browsing. I had to put Twitter and Instagram in a folder in my phone called “Do I Really Need to Look At That?” I was finding it was just muscle memory and I was going to certain apps without thinking about it. At least now I have to go through four stages to get in.”

He said co-host King - who found fame in girl band The Saturdays alongside Frankie Bridge, Una Healy, Rochelle Humes, and Vanessa White - was his “best friend.”

Edmondson says he has a

The married father-of-one added: “Mollie, I am so lucky to go to work every day with my best friend. She was only supposed to be a guest for a couple of shows, but as soon as she started I was like... wow... she is my best friend. She begged me to stay and I begged for her to stay. But don’t tell her that.”

Mollie King and Matt Edmondson host Radio 1's weekend breakfast show (BBC Radio 1)

Edmondson was speaking ahead of his campaign with Dutch airline KLM, which is giving Londoners the opportunity to win gifts and complimentary flights. The campaign was launched on “Blue Monday” - thought to be the most depressing day of the year

He said: “I have always hated January. Once Christmas is over you have that crushing reality check. I think anything to keep people’s spirits up at this time of year is only a good thing.”

Londoners could attempt to win the flights at the KLMood Booster pop-up at London’s Paddington Station on Monday. It will appear at Manchester Piccadilly on Wednesday and Glasgow Central on Friday.