Matt Hancock riles 'I'm A Celebrity' campmates as tensions boil over

Matt Hancock and Boy George on 'I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!' (ITV/Shutterstock)
Matt Hancock and Boy George on 'I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!' (ITV/Shutterstock)

I'm A Celebrity camp life has officially boiled over with Matt Hancock causing a series of major rows among his fellow campmates.

The former health secretary's arrival three days in didn't go down too well as it stood, with tensions simmering ever since as Hancock was forced to do six trials in a row, and was voted camp leader by the viewing public.

But with food sparse and Hancock receiving special treats including a beach barbecue on Thursday's show, cracks in the politeness of other camp have finally broken away.

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Across Friday's episode, the 13th day in camp, Hancock successfully managed to rile Owen Warner, Sue Cleaver, Charlene White, Mike Tindall and Boy George within the space of a day.

Boy George on 'I'm A Celebrity'
Boy George on 'I'm A Celebrity'

Trouble started in the morning when Hollyoaks star Warner was left annoyed when Hancock started asking for extra food – despite feasting the day before when he hadn't.

This only got worse moments later when Coronation Street star Cleaver found he'd left dirty water in the camp washbowl after he'd shaved.

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When she confronted him about it, Hancock lashed back about why she was complaining and not just cleaning it herself, causing Rugby star Tindall to step in and stick up for his "camp wife" as the MP started to mock her.

From there it only went from bad to worse for Hancock, who later managed to even offend his in-camp ally Seann Walsh, alongside Warner and Chris Moyles, when he responded to a bird pooing on his camp leader chair by rubbing it in with his hand.

He only washed his hands with soap after being prompted by Babatúndé Aléshé and Scarlette Douglas.

"That is our former Health Secretary," Warner later vented in the Bush Telegraph. "'Happy birthday twice’ he told me, and he’s just given a little [flick] after touching poo with his bare hands!"

Mike Tindall on 'I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here' (ITV)
Mike Tindall on 'I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here' (ITV)

But the biggest explosion came in the form of Boy George, whom he overheard venting to Walsh about his feelings towards Hancock.

"Can’t stand Matt. I have tried to like him and I’ve failed," the 80s pop star told Walsh. "I find him slimy, I find him slippery. I find him just… I made a joke about chocolate. He just looked at me like… I wanted to say, ‘What are you looking at? Don’t you look at me like that.’"

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"I’ve tried to separate what I feel about him from who he is as a person, but I can’t," he added.

After hearing George out, Hancock apologised for "making him feel like that".

Seann Walsh on 'I'm A Celebrity' (ITV)
Seann Walsh on 'I'm A Celebrity' (ITV)

Boy George admitted: "I have been hating on you, I have to be honest. I sometimes feel like you don’t say what you mean and you’re not particularly direct."

"I’m just being me," Hancock defended.

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Boy George added: “I am struggling a little bit with you. That’s not your problem, that’s my problem. I apologise because I was really sl**ging you off a minute ago.”

"I’d far rather you said it," Hancock added, before joking "I’ve been saying how much I’ve enjoyed spending time with you."

Boy George later admitted the Bush Telegraph said: "It feels like a relief to me. I thought, I don’t want to come out of here and feel like I’ve been dishonest. I had to be truthful."

Even Hancock seemed to leave the conversation feeling like it had a "positive" outcome, considering the circumstances.

I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here airs nightly at 9pm on ITV.

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