BBC Breakfast weather man Matt Taylor accidentally insults guest Rick Astley

Watch: BBC Breakfast's Matt Taylor just made this VERY awkward live blunder

BBC Breakfast weather presenter Matt Taylor had to make a quick U-turn after unknowingly insulting pop star Rick Astley live on air.

Following the weather report host Charlie Stayt asked Taylor if he was a fan of the Never Gonna Give You Up singer, as he was about to introduce Astley as a guest on the show.

Taylor answered; “Err, not a massive one,” before suddenly looking panicked as he realised the 80s star was listening in to what he was saying.

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BBC Breakfast presenter Matt Taylor put his foot in his mouth in front of pop star Rick Astley (PA/AP)
BBC Breakfast presenter Matt Taylor put his foot in his mouth in front of pop star Rick Astley (PA/AP)

Stayt said: “That was the wrong thing to say, he’s listening and he’s coming up in just a moment. I’ll ask you again, ‘Are you a Ricky Astley fan?’”

Taylor, 44, replied: “Love Rick Astley. Best.”

Fortunately Astley saw the funny side as the camera cut to him on a video link from home laughing uncontrollably.

Taylor tried to make excuses on Twitter, writing: “Note to self ... Charlie isn’t always trying to make me do something silly, like sing, on air (hence my response) AND MORE IMPORTANTLY Make sure you check who is on the programme after you.”

Astley, 54, tweeted: “All is forgiven.”

Stayt was hosting the show from the studio with Louise Minchin who also had a good laugh at Taylor’s blunder.

Rick Astley performs on the MTV stage as part of the V Festival at Hylands Parks, Chelmsford, Saturday, Aug 20, 2016. (Joel Ryan/Invision/Ap)
Rick Astley saw the funny side. (AP)

BBC Breakfast weather presenter Carol Kirkwood was also left red-face recently after a slip of the tongue live on air.

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Kirkwood had viewers chuckling after saying there were, “lots of doggers” in Greenwich Park during a live broadcast in August

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Kirkwood was reporting on the current UK heatwave when she got her words mixed up, leading to lots of amused comments from people on social media.

Ever the professional, the 58-year-old immediately spotted the error and quickly corrected herself, saying: "Not doggers of course, lots of dog walkers and joggers around here through the course of this morning."