Matthew Wright defends spending Christmas alone in Caribbean without his wife and baby

Matthew Wright spent Christmas away from wife Amelia (Credit: PA)
Matthew Wright spent Christmas away from wife Amelia. (PA)

Matthew Wright has said he chose to spend his baby’s first Christmas alone in the Caribbean after struggling with mental health problems.

The 54-year-old presenter – who became a father last January – revealed his wife Amelia urged him to take a break in order to combat insomnia and he has returned feeling better, and able to be a better father.

Wright told This Morning: "I've had a lot of mental health issues really over the last year and a half. A friend's suicide, problems at Channel 5, other personal problems, and there was a story written about me, a fake story about me losing my job just before Christmas, and it knocked me sideways.

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"And Amelia just said, 'What's the point of you being here not sleeping?’ And she said, ‘Go away do something that’s good for you.’ And it was good for me.

“It’s very difficult... Christmas Day I cried my eyes out.”

Holly Willoughby commented: “Your wife gave you the best Christmas gift, which was your mind."

Wright replied: “She did indeed. And it has done me, I'm pleased to say, the power of good.

“There’s some fantastic restorative powers to fishing, for me at least. Being out there and trudging around for miles on my own, it allowed my head to have a bit of space to clear. I’ve come back feeling better for it. And I can be a better dad for it as well. Because quite frankly I was pretty useless before Christmas!”

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In early December Wright was forced to dismiss reports he had been sacked by TalkRadio.

The presenter, who hosts a weekday show between 1pm and 4pm, laughed off a claim by MailOnline that he had been fired from the station – revealing he had actually been offered a new contract.

He joined TalkRadio after resigning from his Channel 5 morning chat show The Wright Stuff after 18 years. Wright said he left the show because he wanted to spend more time with his family.

He and Amelia welcomed their daughter Cassady last January after battling with IVF for eight years in a bid to have children.