Mawar Regains Strength as Super Typhoon Leaves Guam

Storm Mawar regained strength to become a super typhoon on Thursday, May 25, the National Weather Service (NWS) said, as the system moved over open water after lashing Guam.

The eye of the storm passed just north of Guam on Wednesday, packing wind speeds of up to 140 mph.

The NWS reported sustained wind speeds as high as 150 mph as Mawar re-intensified into a super typhoon on Thursday. Typhoon warnings remained in effect for Guam and Rota.

The NWS urged locals to shelter “until damaging winds subside and the All Clear has been given by government officials”.

This footage, streamed live on Facebook, shows the storm battering the Guam Reef Hotel in Tamuning on Wednesday. Credit: Zion and Caleb via Storyful

Video transcript

- Good morning. Good morning. Thank you, Lord, for this wonderful day. Update [NON-ENGLISH] Mawar. As you can see from these buildings, [NON-ENGLISH]. And even to the adjacent buildings, trees are devastated. [NON-ENGLISH]

And it's heading towards the Philippines. So [NON-ENGLISH] be safe there always. Be calm and pray.

[NON-ENGLISH] adjacent buildings, a certain building destroyed its roof. [NON-ENGLISH] Lord.

I think internet already restored. You can call now your loved ones, who are working here in the State of Guam. And I hope that they also safe and sound.

Now, rescuers are in the road. Clearing operation is ongoing.

[NON-ENGLISH] Guam, [NON-ENGLISH] And the preparation is two-- one day-- one, two, three days before the typhoon. The government advises that all must be evacuated, especially those who are located in the lowlands.

[NON-ENGLISH] barracks [NON-ENGLISH] depending how strong the typhoon is. And the good thing for us is the company highly [NON-ENGLISH] workers so [NON-ENGLISH]. And we give credit to that for each companies that cared and give their effort to ensure that everyone is safe, everyone gets their comforts during these calamities. And [NON-ENGLISH] for all your prayers, for the uttered prayers. [NON-ENGLISH]

God bless [NON-ENGLISH] and may update [NON-ENGLISH] later, [NON-ENGLISH] any news, any update [NON-ENGLISH]