McFly singer Danny Jones reveals how anxiety impacted his new music

Danny Jones (Credit: PA Images)
Danny Jones (Credit: PA Images)

McFly singer Danny Jones has revealed how living with anxiety has impacted his new music, claiming he feels “self-helped”.

Jones launched his solo career back in June, and one of his tracks, named Muddy Water, was inspired by his difficult childhood and turbulent relationship with his father.

Speaking on The Official Charts podcast, the singer revealed how he struggled to write some of the new material on his debut EP, but he ultimately saw it as therapy.

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The singer revealed that he has anxiety and doesn't speak to his father anymore (Credit: AP Photo/Joel Ryan)
The singer revealed that he has anxiety and doesn't speak to his father anymore (Credit: AP Photo/Joel Ryan)

"The solo stuff took a while. It’s been like therapy because growing up with whatever experiences you grow up with, it’s hard to write about it,” he said.

"It’s hard to go back and revisit it and understand why you’ve got anxiety; understand why you are who you are. I have more positives that I can pull [from it] than negatives.

“Yes I’ve had anxiety, yes I’ve been down about it, yes I don’t talk to my dad anymore."

However, by re-exploring some of the difficult periods of his life, Jones believes it has helped him produce some great music.

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Danny Jones of McFly (Credit: Andrew Benge/Redferns)
Danny Jones of McFly (Credit: Andrew Benge/Redferns)

"I feel self-helped, in a way, because of the situations I’ve written about and not realising I felt that way. Honestly, it’s been these huge two years of becoming a man, I suppose.

“I’ve definitely become stronger just by writing about it. It’s almost like a weight off my shoulders."

He added: “[The EP] is really broad. I didn’t want every song to be just about my upbringing. I have other songs about me coming home and finding my mum crying and my dad having an affair.

“We’ll get to that, there’s time for that to come out. I was scared at first, but I felt a real kind of release from it.”

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