McFly Celebrate 12 Glorious Years Of Being Together

Do you know what today is? Hmmm?

Nope, it’s not just any normal, average, run of the mill Wednesday.

It turns out today is only the anniversary of the birth of MCFLY!


Yep. This day, 12 whole YEARS ago, our fave foursome formed, and music has never been the same again.

Okay, they didn’t start singing about girls with colourful hairstyles until a year later, but that’s not the point.

To celebrate their birthday, we though we’d get some cake out, bring ThrowbackThursday one day earlier and take a trip down memory lane.


This was only a few short years ago! Where has the time gone, people?!

We can’t believe the boys are all grown up now, with Tom being a married dad who makes AWESOME videos of his little boy, Harry annoucing he’s going to be a dad for the first time, Danny’s blooming married to the beautiful former Miss England, AND Dougie’s only going out with Ellie Goulding!

This is all too much, somebody pass us the tissues.

McFly may have gone on to join forces with those lovely Busted lads, and formed supergroup McBusted, but their fans are still keen to remember those good old days.

In fact, they even managed to get #12YearsOFMcfly trending on Twitter!


Us too, Chloe-Alice, us too.